MsgCommunicator: Delphi Instant Messaging (IM) SDK
for easy creation of custom messenger system


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MsgCommunicator is a native Delphi instant messaging (IM) SDK. MsgCommunicator supports both client/server and peer-to-peer modes and allows sending and receiving binary buffers, streams, and string messages with advanced data compression and encryption capabilities.

MsgCommunicator provides messenger functionality to work with ContactList, UserInfo, Users Database etc. to enable you to build your IM application easily and quickly. You have no needs to think on how to store client and server data because all necessary features are already released in MsgClient and MsgServer visual components.

Components are very easy to use: just place MsgClient and MsgServer on the form then set TMsgServer.Active property to True to start the server and TMsgClient.Connected to True to connect to the server and now you can send messages by calling SendMessage method from your code.

To receive messages, define event handler of the type of messages you would like to process, OnReceiveTextMessage, OnReceiveBinaryMessage, or OnReceiveStreamMessage.

The great advantage of client/server technology is an ability to send message to the client which is off-line currently. Also MsgCommunicator allows working without server that enables you to build chat or any other peer-to-peer application fast and easy.

MsgCommunicator allows sending/receiving very large objects with progress indicator support. Any number of files/streams can be sent/received simultaneously. Transmitting of files and streams takes no effect on the other command/message data exchange. These objects can be sent directly or thru server despite of their sizes which can be very large. MsgCommunicator enables you to customize network data transmission process for each file/stream independently.

MsgCommunicator is successfully tested with 100,000 simultaneous connections and high load messaging. Each server can theoretically handle up to 2^31 (over 2 billions) concurrent connections on the single machine (really limited by hardware). MsgCommunicator is a ready solution for building corporative or public internet servers.

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