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In-Memory tables
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EasyTable provides a really easy way to deal with in-memory tables.
There are only some slight differences from disk tables described below.

InMemory Property

This property should be set to True when you create an in-memory table, open the disk table in in-memory mode or open a previously closed in-memory table.
Setting this property to False when table is open will save all data to disk and reopening table in a disk mode.

Creating In-Memory Table

The only additional thing that you should do is to set InMemory property to True before call of CreateTable method.
The other way to create in-memory table if its properties doesn't correspond to existing disk table is to set Active property to True. CreateTable method then will be called automatically and then the table will become active.

Opening Existing Disk Table as In-Memory Table

Set DatabaseName and TableName properties of the table and InMemory property to True. Also make sure that there is no earlier opened or created in-memory table or currently active disk table with the same DatabaseName and TableName properties.
Then set Active property to True.

Saving In-Memory Table

You can save all data of in-memory table to disk with SaveTable method.

Deleting In-Memory Table

When in-memory table is not needed any more just call DeleteTable method for that table. If you will forget to do it then EasyTable engine will delete all the existing in-memory tables on closing the apllication.

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