SQLMemTable: BDE Alternative Embedded
In-Memory Database with SQL for Delphi / C++Builder


Specifies whether an application expects to receive a live result set when the query executes.

property RequestLive: Boolean;

Set RequestLive to specify whether or not the SQLMemTable engine should attempt to return a live result set to the application. RequestLive is False by default, meaning that a query always returns a read-only result set.

Set RequestLive to True to request a live result set. Setting RequestLive to True does not guarantee that a live result set is returned by the SQLMemTable. The query returns a live result set only if the SELECT syntax of the query conforms to the syntax requirements for a live result set. SQLMemTable can return live result for single-table query only.

If RequestLive is True, but the syntax does not conform to the requirements, the SQLMemTable engine returns a read-only result set.

After activating the TSQLMemQuery, inspect the CanModify property to determine whether the request for a live result set was successful.

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