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TSQLMemAdvFieldDef is an advanced field definition that corresponds to a physical field of a record in a table underlying a dataset.


A TSQLMemAdvFieldDef object contains the definition of one field in a table. The definition for a field includes such attributes as the field's name, data type, and size. TSQLMemAdvFieldDef objects are typically used in collections of such objects, such as the AdvFieldDefs property of the TDataSet component.

There are two primary reasons for working with TSQLMemAdvFieldDef objects:
·To specify field definitions for a new table.  
·To specify field definitions for a restrutured table.  

When using an existing table, a field definition is automatically created for each field in the dataset that comes from the underlying database. Inspect the properties of TSQLMemAdvFieldDef to retrieve information about specific fields in the dataset.

When creating or restructuring tables, such as with the CreateTable or RestructureTable method of TSQLMemTable, TSQLMemFieldDef objects supply the definitions for the new fields that will comprise the new table.

A field definition has a corresponding TField object, but not all TField objects have a corresponding field definition. For example, calculated fields do not have field definition objects.

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