SQLMemTable: Embedded BDE Alternative
In-Memory SQL Database for Delphi / C++Builder

Getting Help from Technical Support
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Free Tech Support
Should you have any questions, comments or ideas on adding new possibilities and/or changing the product's functions, contact us at
support@aidaim.com easily.

We consider any ideas and we may take them into account while creating new versions of our products.

If you encountered a problem, please, inform us about the following:

·Product name and version  
·Compiler information: Delphi or C++ Builder, Version, Edition, Service Pack  
·Environmental information: your OS and Service Pack  
·Description of your problem (as much information as possible to retrieve the problem).  
·Attach a test project where the problem could be reproduced (it helps us to solve your issue as soon as possible)  

Typically AidAim Software Support Team answer messages in 24 hours, but depending on singularity and difficulty of your question it may take a bit longer.

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