Single File System: Virtual File System Delphi Library
for Archive / Backup with Transparent Compression and Strong Encryption


Repairs and compacts a single file system.

function Repair(var log: string; DeleteCorruptedFiles: Boolean = False): Boolean;

Call Repair to compact a single file or to repair data corruption that can occur due to unexpected power loss or improper operating system shutdown.

This function returns True if all the files within single file system are correct and if no updates had been made and then the Log parameter is blank.

If some files were corrupted, Repair return False and the Log parameter contain a string with the corrupted files list.

When DeleteCorruptedFiles parameter is True, this method deletes all corrupted files.

When DeleteCorruptedFiles is False, Repair recovers partially damaged files, but some data in the corrupted filles can be lost.

Repairing process may take a long time if you work with large file. You may set the OnProgress event handler to provide the user with a feedback about the progress of the potentially slow process or to cancel the process.

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