Single File System: Virtual File System Delphi Library
for Archive / Backup with Transparent Compression and Strong Encryption


Occurs when application needs password for the encrypted file within SFS file.

type TSFSOnPasswordEvent = procedure (

Sender:       TObject;
FileName:       String;
var NewPassword:    String;
var SkipFile:       Boolean
) of object;
property OnPassword: TSFSOnPasswordEvent;

Write an OnPassword event handler to perform query password for the encrypted file being opened or exported.
The Sender parameter is the object whose event handler is called.
FileName indicates current file name.
NewPassword determines new password that will be used for opening the encrypted file.
SkipFile determines if file will be skipped. Set SkipFile to True if you want to skip this file. Default value for SkipFile is False.

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