Single File System: Virtual File System Delphi Library
for Archive / Backup with Transparent Compression and Strong Encryption


Exports the files from SFS file.

function ExportFiles(SourcePath: string; DestPath: string = ''; Attr: Integer = faAnyFile; bRecursive: Boolean = True; OverwriteMode: TSFSOverwriteMode = omPrompt): Integer;

ExportFiles copies files from SourcePath in SFS file to DestPath.
The return value is a number of exported files.

The SourcePath parameter is a path within SFS file. It may be a name of the folder or file to export (wildcards '*' and '?' are allowed).

The DestPath is a path to export to. By default, all the files are exported to the current directory

The Attr parameter specifies the special files to include in addition to all normal files. Choose from these file attribute constants when specifying the Attr parameter:

Constant   Value      Description

faReadOnly   $00000001   Read-only files
faHidden   $00000002   Hidden files
faSysFile   $00000004   System files
faVolumeID   $00000008   Volume ID files
faDirectory   $00000010   Directory files
faArchive   $00000020   Archive files
faAnyFile   $0000003F   Any file

Attributes can be combined by adding their constants or values. For example, to export read-only and hidden files in addition to normal files, pass (faReadOnly + faHidden) as the Attr parameter.

The bRecursive parameter specifies whether subdirectories of the source path are exported. All subfolders of the source path are exported by default.

The OverwriteMode specifies the mode of overwriting existing files having the same name as exported files. Existing files can be overwritten always, never or by prompt.

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