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Resets the current position of the data stream.

function Seek(Offset: Longint; Origin: Word): Longint; override; overload;
function Seek(Offset: Int64; Origin: Word): Int64; override;

Use Seek to move the current position within the resource file associated with the stream by the indicated offset. Seek allows an application to read from or write to a particular location within the resource.

The Origin parameter indicates how to interpret the Offset parameter. Origin should be one of the following values:

Value    Meaning    
soFromBeginning   Offset is from the beginning of the resource. Seek moves to the position Offset. Offset must be >= 0.   
soFromCurrent   Offset is from the current position in the resource. Seek moves to Position + Offset.   
soFromEnd   Offset is from the end of the resource. Offset must be <= 0 to indicate a number of bytes before the end of the file.   

Seek returns the new value of the Position property, the new current position in the resource.

Int64 variant of seek is available for Delphi 6 and higher only.

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