Delphi / C++Builder Streaming Compression Library
with Strong Encryption


Creates an instance of the TCPSCryptoPressMemoryStream object.

Delphi syntax:
constructor Create; overload;
constructor Create(
CryptoParams: TCPSCryptoParams;
CompressionAlgorithm: TCPSCompressionAlgorithm = caZLIB;
CompressionMode: Byte = CPSDefaultCompressionMode;
BlockSize: Integer = CPSDefaultBlockSize;
Header: PChar = nil;
HeaderSize: Integer = 0;
Manager: TComponent = nil;
TempDir: String = ''
); overload;

C++ syntax:
TCPSCryptoPressMemoryStream(void)/* overload */;
__fastcall TCPSCryptoPressMemoryStream(
const Cpscrypto::TCPSCryptoParams &CryptoParams,
TCPSCompressionAlgorithm CompressionAlgorithm,
Byte CompressionMode,
int BlockSize,
char * Header,
int HeaderSize,
Classes::TComponent* Manager,
AnsiString TempDir)/* overload */;

Creates an instance of the TCPSCryptoPressMemoryStream object. This stream uses TCPSCryptoPressStream object created with TCPSMemoryStream object passed as a BaseStream. Thus it is a compressed and/or encrypted memory stream.

CryptoParams - encryption settings for the stream. Can be retrieved from TCPSManager.CryptoParams.
CompressionAlgorithm - specified the compression algorithm for creating new stream.
CompressionMode - specified the compression mode for creating new stream.
BlockSize - specifies the block size for creating new stream.
Header - specifies the additional header for creating new stream. This header will be encrypted if CryptoParams.CryptoAlgorithm <> CPS_Cipher_None.
HeaderSize - specifies the size of the additional header for creating new stream.
Manager - reference to TCPSManager component
TempDir - temporary directory.

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