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Indicates whether data-aware controls do not update their display to reflect changes to the dataset.

function ControlsDisabled: Boolean;

Call ControlsDisabled to determine if the updating of data display in data-aware controls is currently disabled. If ControlsDisabled is True, controls are currently disabled. ControlsDisabled is True as long as the reference count that keeps track of disabling for the dataset is greater than zero. This count is incremented every time the DisableControls procedure is called and decremented when EnableControls is called. Applications should call DisableControls to improve performance and prevent constant updates during automated iterations through records in the dataset.

In complex applications, when controls may be disabled multiple times by different processes, you can use ControlsDisabled as a check in a procedure to reenable controls should each call to DisableControls not be paired with a subsequent call to EnableControls. For example,

procedure ReEnableControls (DataSet: TDataSet);

while DataSet.ControlsDisabled do

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