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Adds a new, empty record to the end of the dataset.

procedure Append;

Call Append to:

1   Open a new, empty record at the end of the dataset.  
2   Set the active record to the new record.  

After a call to Append, an application enables users to enter data into the fields of the record, and can then posts those changes to the database using Post (or ApplyUpdates if cached updating is enabled). A newly appended record is posted to the database in one of three ways:

·For indexed Paradox and dBASE tables, the record is inserted into the dataset to position based on its index.  
·For unindexed Paradox and dBASE tables, the record is added to the end of the dataset.  
·For SQL databases, the physical location of the appended record is implementation-specific. For indexed tables, the index is updated with the new record information.  

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